As a traveller you want to be always seeking to book direct with owners. You will get the best service, flexibility and most importantly -price.

How to book direct?.. find the accommodation you like the look of on the online portals like Airbnb, Booking com, VRBO and then look for clues as to who’s property listing it is. Sometimes it’s as simple as copy and pasting a property title into a search engine and you’ll get the direct website of the accommodation. Or use social media. There is often information on hosts on the page and clever hosts put the name of their company or themselves making it easier to track them down. 

Once you’ve got their website or social media profile, you can reach out to the host or owner and enquire as to availability – you’ll also be able to negotiate price. Would it surprise you to know that the online travel agents you use charge hosts 18% of your stay price!.. As you can imagine, we’re not that keen to always pay it so having a direct customer means we’ll happily take off at least 8-10% off the OTA listing price so you get a cheaper stay. 

You will also be able to keep your money for longer!.. Online travel agents insist on you paying on booking. Here at Living Away Short Lets we ask for the payment 7 days in advance only. If you need to change or amend the booking that’s fine too.

If you’ve already booked your travel -unless its a non-refundable rate -you can usually cancel for free refund and book direct with host. is a boutique style accommodation provider in Sheffield, Cheltenham and Liverpool

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