The job of cleaning living-away short term rentals are a win-win for everyone!… My housekeeping teams love working for this dynamic industry of short term rentals where no two days are the same and the pace of work means you don’t notice the day pass in a flash. Working in teams is fun and there is great cameraderie. All of the teams I work with have had the opportunity and support to be able to expand their businesses which is exciting to be a part of. We all support each other to do the best job. As with most things in life, its all about      consistent communications.

Our guests’ expectations are rightly high and its part of the treat of living away from home, having crisp clean sheets and fluffy towels with a beautiful smell of wonderful cleaning products at your arrival. Through checklists, photos and processes we constantly strive to maintain and improve all the time on cleaning and presentation of the properties.

We really are so proud when we receive 95% tip top cleanliness ratings!

Please feel free to ask questions on how we do things at Living-Away – as always, we can’t wait to host you !

All About Me!!

All About Me!!   So you can get to know me- your host- a little bit better, here are 12 random facts about me:  

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