All About Me!!


So you can get to know me- your host- a little bit better, here are 12 random facts about me:  


  1. I am a food obsessive!… as a trained chef and having had a 20+ year career as a food editor and food stylist for magazines and cookery books I can honestly say that food to me is an absolute joy and heart of my life. All our travels (and most days) are dominated by what will get eaten – our favourite meals are always the ones we cook ourselves as I’m married to an amazing professional chef too. I’m not a fussy eater but I hate bad cooking!

  2. I gained a Diploma from the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust in London) and have a Food Marketing Degree from Leeds University.

  3. I’m a practical rather than theoretical person. That said, to make my business successful I’ve had to force myself into thinking business strategy and planning – I’m loving it more with every month though.

  4. I love animals and we have a few pets. The biggest is a horse! Followed by 2 cats and 2 bunnies. We’d love to add a dog and believe the right dog will find us when the time is right.

  5. On the food theme (told you..) we have an allotment – however we are allotment virgins still and can I just hold my hand up now and say how difficult it is! So much to know. Its a lovely feeling to be outside though.



6.I never leave home without my phone!.. mostly because I’m on call 24/7 to all my guests. I run most of my comms to everyone via Whats App.

7.Originally a Northern girl – I have lived down south in St Albans  for 16 yrs (after 10 yrs in London) which is the perfect home counties suburb to bring up our beloved two “kid-ults” (18yr old Felix and 15yr old Eliza)

8. I’m 5ft 3 and was born in Mexico City.

9. I genuinely love my own company as my social battery can easily become depleted – so love time out and reading… although I adore meeting and chatting to people  (a very favourite pastime of mine) I’m learning to balance my needs better.

10. I love to swim even though it wreaks havoc with my hair. It was my childhood sport- I swam competitively-  I learnt contentment in the water and to push myself physically.

11. The best life hack I know is to always do 2 minute tasks immediately as these are the ones that get forgotten if not tackled and you leave room for the big stuff.

12. I grew up near the sea – in fact our house faced onto the Irish sea in Hoylake, Wirral. I aspire to live again near the sea again!


All About Me!!

All About Me!!   So you can get to know me- your host- a little bit better, here are 12 random facts about me:  

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