Why Short-Rentals are the perfect solution to your relocations?

At Living-Away properties we’ve had guests from all over the world who use us a stop-gap when they land in the UK. Everywhere from Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, America, Australia and Europe we’ve absolutely loved welcoming them here.

One of the great joys of meeting people is helping them with our local knowledge and being able to offer a concierge service.

We’re always happy to help guests orientate and look for their favourite local hobbies in the local areas, whether that be gyms or yoga and music places aswell as let them know the most appropriate areas they might like to live and even putting them in contact with the right estate agents.

The guests enjoy landing to a home-from-home set up as opposed to a hotel. They want and need to experience life like a local for the start of their relocation adventure. The reasons they come are usually linked to a work or family move so they also have other support. The emotional change and processing when moving continents and countries definitely cannot be underestimated and there generally a lot of mixed emotions going on. We absolutely understand that and are happy to help in whatever way we can.


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